👋 Hi! I'm Jason!

Wellington, New Zealand

I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer currently based in Wellington, New Zealand with experience in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, and React.

Most recently, I built Constellation, an open-source framework for geo-distributed API load testing.

Resume Read Constellation Case Study

Geo distributed API load testing ~ simplified🌎

Constellation automates the provisioning and orchestration of distributed load testing for your APIs from 26 different regions.

You have full control over your data and have access to geo-distribution, a feature otherwise gated by other SaaS solutions.

Other Projects

Keep Tabs

A todo app featured with user authentication & filter/search functionality.

TypeScript, Redux ToolKit, React, Webpack, Cookies, JWTs, NoSQL.

Cascade Free Voting

A web application focused on removing the information cascade cognitive bias during voting.

Node.js/Express, SQLite3, React, MUI, Multi-player sessions.

Bin of Requests

An HTTP webhook inspector built using a MERN stack and PostgreSQL.

Node.js/Express, PostgresSQL, React, MUI, Webhooks, Digital Ocean Droplet